We move capital and
competencies towards creating
impact for a better world

What we
believe in

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are part of our DNA. These goals cannot be achieved with business as usual. However, the potential rewards are considerable for those investors, companies, customers and communities who rise to the challenge. This is what 3B IMPACT is all about.

we do

At 3B IMPACT we co-create solutions with investors, business, start-ups, NGOs and institutions to maximise the positive impact of products, services and the way they do business while ensuring economic sustainability.


We work with investors, corporates, start-ups and NGOs to help them develop practical, proportionate and evidence-based solutions to social and environmental challenges and turn them into business opportunities.


We help start-ups with fundraising and we help develop impact strategies for innovative, scalable solutions to make the world a better place while also creating value.


We conduct research and work with institutions to build and share knowledge to inform decision-making, showcase opportunities and raise the bar in the impact economy.


3B IMPACT is a team of experienced change-makers, committed to solving social and environmental challenges with investors, businesses, start-ups, institutions and NGOs to make the world a better place through better businesses.

Christian Honoré

Stephen Blakeley

Maria Bøge

Sarah Walker

Ediane Monteggia

Roman Nielsen

Dr Jess Jones

Carolyn Winnard

Rebecca Aylward-Mills

Jennifer Watson

Saidou Camara

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