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Some of our work

Global Goals Business Navigator

The Danish Management Society (VL) comprises 4000 top executive members from Denmark’s business community. It is committed to fostering and encouraging knowledge and understanding of modern leadership. 

“3B IMPACT supported VL to inspire its members to identify business opportunities in the Global Goals. 3B IMPACT has brought passion and expertise to inspire business leaders from across our membership to approach the UN Global Goals as a business opportunity, through workshops with more than 300 of our members and research of over 100 of impact cases” said Ida Bratting Kongsted, CEO of Danish Management Society.

The app, which is freely available on Appstore and Google Play, is meant to inspire and engage business leaders to start working with the Sustainable Development Goals from a business opportunity perspective.

Developing and Implement Impact Strategy

Mobile Power is a UK-based tech firm delivering off-grid electricity solutions to developing countries. 3B IMPACT has helped Mobile Power to develop and implement an impact strategy and to raise investment from impact funders.

Founder Jono West said ” 3B IMPACT has been invaluable in helping Mobile Power to commercialise our positive social impact and attract investments to scale the business”. 

Impact Strategy and Measurement framework

WhatsMAD (What’s Making a Difference) is an ambitious start-up developing a global media and social action platform. It will provide top quality film and media content to galvanise action around social and environmental issues. 3B IMPACT is leading the development of WhatsMAD’s impact strategy and measurement framework.

WhatsMAD President, Zabi Yaqeen, said “3B IMPACT has brought pragmatism, rigour and vast experience to WhatsMAD’s impact approach, which is core to our value proposition.”

Evaluation of research impact for Sheffield University

Every few years, UK higher education funding bodies evaluate the quality and impact of UK higher education institutions through the Research Excellence Framework (REF). 3B IMPACT is assisting the University of Sheffield’s Faculty of Social Sciences to demonstrate its research impact in the next REF in 2021.

John Flint, the Faculty Director of Research and Innovation at University of Sheffield, said “3B IMPACT’s experience and approach to planning for and demonstrating research impact have been extremely helpful to the University of Sheffield as we prepare for the upcoming Research Excellence Framework.”

Impact stratety, evaluation and reporting

Starworks is a UK National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) programme funding innovations in child prosthetics, 3B IMPACT managed the impact strategy, evaluation and reporting for a Starworks funded consortium led by Cambridge Prosthetics Limited.

Starworks Programme Manager, Nathaniel Mills, said “The impact approach managed by 3B IMPACT for Cambridge Prosthetics’ consortium was notable in its clarity and focus. It played a key role in helping the consortium innovate child-focused prosthetics and position it for scale.”

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