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3B IMPACT is a team of experienced change-makers and specialists working with investors, businesses, start-ups, institutions and NGOs. Together we move capital and competencies towards creating impact for a better world.


We are deeply rooted in the belief that business that is good for society is better business, and that the UN Sustainable Development Goals can unleash the potential for corporates, start-ups and investors to create positive impact along with healthy returns.

Christian Honoré

Stephen Blakeley

Sarah Walker

Ediane Monteggia

Roman Nielsen

Dr Jess Jones

Carolyn Winnard

Rebecca Aylward-Mills

Jennifer Watson

Saidou Camara

Let’s work together to create impactful changes



We believe in giving the best
of ourselves to help our clients
excel in what they do.


We believe in doing what
we love and we go all in
with our clients.


We believe in saying and
doing what we truly believe
in to foster real and positive
change that lasts.


We believe real, positive change does not come from safe repetition but from going the extra mile, even into unknown territories.

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